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Improving one’s golf game used to be for many a fairly one dimensional approach — usually engaging an instructor to fix one’s swing. No longer. The approach in vogue today is far more comprehensive — intersecting a range of disciplines. In 2013, Golf & Body, opened in midtown Manhattan. The New York-based location weaves together several different approaches but all united together in maximizing skills for golfers. Flexibility, strength and endurance are part of a systematic approach that are rigorously monitored and evaluated. With each golfer being uniquely individualistic in terms of their capabilities the wherewithal to tailor specific remedies that fit that individual is now the preferred course of action.

The program at Golf & Body engages experts in different key areas — all working in tandem so that a comprehensive game plan is created that provides a clear and define path to improvement. Three of the key players agreed to share their thoughts on the process used works.

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